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About xf.com

xf.com Investments is a virtual real estate investment firm. Our goal is to acquire premium domain assets and develop those domain names into useful online properties.

Our interests include: ecommerce domains, automotive/enthusiast communities, lead generation websites and short .com domains.

Owners of Symbolics.com

xf.com Investments owns the very first domain name ever registered on the Internet: Symbolics.com

Symbolics.com was first registered on March 15, 1985, making it the first and oldest .com in the world. Today, there are over 270 million registered domain names and Symbolics.com remains the oldest registered domain in existence.

About Us

xf.com Investments is located in Dallas, Texas.

Contact us below to discuss joint-venture proposals and other business related matters. We also offer domain strategy and consulting to firms on a case by case basis.

If your company is located in the Dallas/Fort-Worth area, be sure to touch base with us and introduce yourself.

For business proposals, acquisitions, or other inquiries contact us via the form below.

Email us if you have a two letter, three letter or one word .com domain for sale.
Please include your asking price.  We are only buying .com domains as described above.

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