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About Us

Who we are

Aron Meystedt is the president of xf.com Investments, based out of Dallas, Texas. Aron has grown the small firm from an initial investment of less than $1000 into a company which has generated millions of dollars in revenue from domain name and web property trading alone. Aron is known as an expert in digital strategy as well as domain name sales and valuations. Aron is the Entrepreneur in Residence at Heritage Auctions, the third-largest auction house in the world.

Aron helps Heritage explore new growth opportunities, while maintaining the daily operations at xf.com Investments. Aron holds a master’s degree from Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business. His research has been published in Valuation Strategies Journal and other academic journals.

xf.com Investments started more than a decade ago as a digital investment firm, specializing in the acquisition and divestment high level domain names and web properties.  Now, our company has grown into a firm which acquires and sells physical real estate to pair with the digital real estate.  We also offer early stage venture capital funding and investment opportunities to high net worth individuals.

xf.com Investments is known for owning the very first domain name ever registered on the Internet:  Symbolics.com.   Symbolics.com is the first and oldest domain name out of the more than 325 million registered domain names on the Internet.

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xf.com Investments

A Snapshot

The Original Domain Name

xf.com Investments owns Symbolics.com, the world’s first registered domain name dating back to March 15, 1985.  Every day, crowds of curious web surfers visit this historic domain name.  The current iteration of Symbolics.com is not what it originally looked like, nor is what the name will display in the near future.

Press Coverage

xf.com Investments, our leadership and company-owned assets have been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, PC World, Wired, CNN.com and CNN Television, Business Week, Forbes, MSNBC, Fox News, Yahoo! Finance, CNBC,
Tech Crunch, BBC News and more.

Our Areas of Interest

We love to invest in digital assets due to scaling and development opportunities.  xf.com Investments has a strong interest in lead generation, healthcare and communities.  We have owned and sold web properties that featured millions of unique visitors per month.

Early Stage Funding

xf.com and related partners have started early stage investing, with typical seed amounts ranging from $10,000 to $100,000. If the project fits into the wheelhouse of the expertise of xf.com and our advisors, we are interested in hearing about it.


High Net Worth Investing

This one is more of a secret, but we’ll give you a peek:  Clients with at least 8 figures in liquid wealth receive unique investment opportunities presented by the leadership and advisors of xf.com Investments.  There, we’ve said too much.


xf.com consults mid-sized businesses on a case by case basis.  We help with digital strategy, domain acquisitions and divestitures, domain recovery, digital privacy and digital development.  xf.com helps where our expertise and our partners can advise and assist with the strategic direction of the client’s firm.

Our Domains

Our Domains

A Bit of information

Many people arrive at xf.com while researching our company-owned domain names. The truth is, every name we own was purchased with an intent and we rarely ever sell our domain names. While some corporations own hundreds and even thousands of names, acquiring and reselling domain names is not our main revenue driver. Therefore, we own less than 20 names in total. Our strategy has been to only acquire very short and high end .com domain names for our build out projects. We truly believe in quality over quantity when it comes to our digital investments.
Please understand that we rarely sell our domain names, and just because a name is in queue for development does not mean that we have abandoned our plans for it. Names like March.com, which we have owned for nearly 10 years, are slated for future use. Names like Copier.com and MedicalSoftware.com have already been developed into lead generating properties. Every name was bought with a purpose in mind.  It is not our business model to sell our domain names.
Therefore, our names are not actively for sale.

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